Autumn getaway holiday and fatbiking in Ivalo Lapland Finland

by | Oct 10, 2019

Autumn is an amazing season for a getaway in Lapland. Nature is dressed in beautiful colours of the fall. With no one around, you can just relax, do fatbiking and other activities.

I truly love autumn. It’s fascinating to watch how nature turns from lush and green into rugged and worn. And those colours! Yellow, orange, red, even purple. All leaves, grass, and even ground changes color in just a couple of weeks. Here, this season is called “ruska”, lasting from the beginning of September roughly until mid-October, when the leaves start to fall, and first frost and snow arrive. For me, this is one of the greatest seasons to travel to Lapland.

I started my drive towards the Aurora Village September 26th. Of course, I was also looking to see northern lights on my trip, but it was cloudy. The night at the Aurora Cabin was relaxing and I had a very good sleep.

Aurora Cabins with the Autumn foliage. Ruska vacation to Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.

Next morning the weather started to get better! The sun was shining beautifully over little river near the village. It’s amazing how different that place looks compared to winter!

Ruska season means bright yellow and red autumn colors. Holidays at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland. My friend Juha, the owner of Aurora Village, told me that there will be another couple joining our adventures, Heini & Mattia, who live in Southern Finland. They were really nice and approachable, and I quickly kidnapped Mattia to take some photos!

Last warm autumn days before winter . Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.

The Aurora Village has recently built the stairs leading to the river. I think this view should become famous, like one of the most instagrammable views in Lapland!

Stunning riverside view at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland. We started to plan our adventures. One of the activities organized by Aurora Village is the fatbiking trips in nature. Fatbikes are really great to travel on rugged and uneven forest terrain. These bikes are electrically assisted, meaning that you can climb the hills much easier. These beasts of a bike are used throughout the year. They have fatbiking tours at Aurora Village even in winter time.

Fatbiking at Aurora Village in Ivalo Lapland Finland.

The day was really-really warm (for end-September) and I was enjoying the trip very much. Juha was guiding us around on the trails.

Mountain biking trip at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland. While we stopped to drink some water, Juha grabbed some lingonberries right by the trail 🙂

Enjoying lingonberries in the forest near Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.After about 45 minutes of navigating the narrow trails, we ended up on a beautiful lake.

Enjoying moments together. Autumn vacation trip to Aurora Village in Ivalo Lapland Finland. The best part of it was the silence. No one in sight. Just pure relaxation.

Silence is the best part of adventure into the nature. Ruska vacation trip to Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.Unlike me, who took a bottle of water, Juha took his “kuksa” cup, and drank with it straight from the lake 🙂

Clean water from the lake at Ivalo Lapland Finland.The water was indeed pure and fresh. Quite cold already!

Juha from Aurora Village enjoying fresh water from the lake in Ivalo Lapland Finland.Heini & Mattia really enjoyed the colors and the place too (maybe we should have just let them alone there for a couple of hours! ?).

Romantic autumn vacation getaway trip to Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland. Instead, something clicked in their heads and they have gone crazy! Maybe all that fresh air made their heads spin!

Something went wrong! Playing and anjoying in nature. Ruska holiday at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland. 

Time to go back! We did some more driving amidst the forest trails. Juha took us to some narrow forest track along the canyon.

Autumn fatbiking tour at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland. Fatbiking on a warm autumn day was an amazing experience. I just love those autumn colours!

Fatbiking guided tour in autumn with Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.By the way, you can see a short video clip that I shot with a drone on that trip:


When we got back to the village, the sun was still shining bright. I knew this view will change so fast, as just in a few weeks grey and snowy days would also follow.

Autumn panorama of Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.

Autumn vacation trip at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.

Autumn aerial view of main building at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.  I went for a quick shower in the cottage. Then, we all gathered at the main building to grab a tasty dinner. Boy, I must have taken at least 3 pieces of that apple cinnamon pie! I knew that the night is going to be long, so I need the extra energy. ?

Because what we saw later that night was something mind blowing…

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