Aurora Village in summer – revealing the hidden charms of Lapland

Lapland, Finland's northernmost region, Europe's last wilderness area, and our home, is often associated with its winter wonderland. However, the beauty of our region extends far beyond the snowy season.

The time, that our sleepless nights aren’t because of the Northern Lights, but the midnight sun and its beautiful colors that create a surreal glow over the landscapes. Let’s explore the hidden charms during the summer season in Aurora Village and why indeed this is a destination worth considering for your next summer trip. If you wonder does it still hold the same allure without the snowy landscapes and northern lights? – Join us as we dive into the question: Is it worth visiting Aurora Village in the summer?  

Aurora Village – where nature meets the summer magic


Aurora Village is mostly known for its winter and northern lights, now we challenge you to try out our summer as well! We welcome you to immerse yourself in a different kind of enchantment. As the vibrant shades of summer transform the landscapes, our resort emerges as a haven of tranquility, surrounded by lush forests, pristine lakes, and unspoiled wilderness and natural areas.


The Midnight Sun is one of the most extraordinary aspects of Lappish summer. When the sun is hovering in the sky for 24 hours, the blend between day and night is seamless. No matter if you are a morning person or a night owl – you can immerse yourself in the glowing sun and endless days which gives you far more options and freedom to enjoy the activities that summer in Lapland has to offer.

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Embrace the playground of nature


In Aurora Village Ivalo, we want to offer activities we enjoy doing. Thus, we offer an abundance of outdoor activities with awe-inspiring arctic natural landscapes. Here are some experiences that we enjoy the most and warmly recommend you try during the summer months.

Horseback trail riding


Horseback riding has been in our weekly schedule this summer. It feels so different riding in the wilderness now, without the white cover. The fresh smells of birch leaves and pine make us breathe deeper, the purest air in the world, and immerse all the scents that the forest has to offer. The scenery of pure arctic nature passing by, give us the feeling of freedom. Thus, when coming back from the trail ride, we are feeling relaxed and happy. 

Would you like to know more about Finnish air quality and its health benefits? Read this Visit Finland Article about Finnish air and its benefits. 

Packrafting adventures in the Ivalo River


Our river, “Ivalojoki”, gives us almost 200 kilometers of canoeing, paddling, rafting, and sup boarding options. Ivalojoki, with its crystal-clear water, weaves its way through breathtaking landscapes, captivating the hearts of nature enthusiasts but also adventure seekers. It is a getaway to Lapland’s natural splendor and sanctuary. This river is also the first option for us to go to refresh when the hotter summer days surprise us.


Ivalo River used to be an unknown and feared river until 1868 when an expedition group found gold from Nulkkamukka region. The first gold rush to Ivalo, Lapland happened after this discovery. After this finding, the river and the region started to gain popularity amongst national and international gold seekers – everyone wanted to get their fair share of Lappish Gold.

The river that was feared and unknown became a river of hope.

This historical era can be seen even these days during the summer. Ivalo region has still some gold mining families who head out to their gold mining locations and spend their summer season prospecting gold. In addition, every summer there are new divers and gold panners who come to try their luck.

We enjoy pack rafting in this tale-filled Ivalojoki -river when we want to rejuvenate. Letting the rhythm of the paddles guide us while watching the water moving underneath us and hearing the water splashing around us gives a feeling of serenity. 

Sauna – the soul of Finnish Culture


The cherished tradition of our culture – the sauna. It is far beyond being just a place to relax, the sauna holds a special place in our life. The heat of the sauna and a refreshing dip into the river is the perfect combination to “wash” our worries away. After the sauna, we feel very relaxed and the next morning we wake up feeling well-rested. In Aurora Village, you have two options to enjoy this tradition. In the traditional wood-heated sauna with an option to refresh dip in the lake. Or in our Panorama Sauna which is a modern sauna heated by an electric stove with an outdoor jacuzzi.

It is estimated that there are more than 3 million saunas in Finland for a population of about 5.5 million people, showcasing the significance of this cultural tradition. Read more bare facts about saunas in Finland

Unwind in Aurora Village Ivalo’s Serenity


At the end of the explorative day, head to your own glass-roof Aurora Cabin and its comfortable beds. Close the roof curtains, put the A/C on (if needed), and wind down to a restoring sleep.

Get to know our Aurora Cabins: Aurora Village Accommodation.

Aurora Cabin lasikattomökin ikkunanäkymä sängystä



While winter in Aurora Village is widely highlighted for our winter wonders and northern light season, visiting our resort during the summer season is undoubtedly worth it. The summer with us offers you an atmospheric environment in a nature-centric environment. Whether you seek outdoor adventures, Finnish cultural experiences, or just wish to embrace the peaceful ambiance of Lappish summer, Aurora Village in summer holds a unique charm that will captivate your heart and leave you longing for more. So pack your bags and discover the hidden charms that Aurora Village in summer holds and let the magic of Lapland summer unfold before your eyes.