New Luxury – The Nature

Nature is a secret remedy for relaxation and a sense of calmness is the essence of our luxury.

Often luxury is associated with material goods. However, we argue that the luxury of nature is far more exceptional. Instead of glitter and lavishness, we offer silence and privacy with unforgettable experiences in a calm environment. Now, you might be confused – how can we still say that Aurora Village is a luxury destination? For answering this question, we have gathered thoughts straight from our core, Aurora Village Team members.

In the heart of nature


The municipality of Inari, where we are located, holds far more nature and wilderness areas than urban areas. So, we live dependent on nature, and respecting nature is part of our daily life. We follow its changes and we have learned to take advantage of the changing seasons. These changes are magical to watch.

As for now, we have gone through the autumn foliage, where nature turned from green to colorful red, orange, and yellow. We could see the changes happening day by day. Then we had a time when the colors were very gray, the weather was rainy, and we all (including nature) waited for the first snow to fall. This happened now! When the first snowfall slowly changes nature from gray to white, we feel like we are surrounded by magical cotton. We can’t wait to bring out our winter gears to play with!

For us, the arrival of winter means that we will soon have hands busy with work, this is an exciting time. Many of us are living around the world but coming to work in Aurora Village for the winter season, this is like coming back home. The ones that are working year-round are waiting for their colleagues to arrive. It is like a family gathering that we are waiting for. This is a feeling that we would like to share with our guests as well.

The most common ways to relax and recharge


With being busy, comes the need to recharge and relax without having burnout. As some of the days are hectic and full of socializing, we can take a break in nature. The endless activity options give us a feeling of freedom when going out into nature. The most common ways for us to relax are being in nature, taking time alone, and going to a sauna.

“Some workdays can be hectic but the overall busy feeling in my daily life is gone” – Aurora Village team member

During the autumn time, we are using nature to gather berries and mushrooms for the winter, some of us even hunt their own meat – which is one of the most ecological ways to eat meat. Many of us are going for hikes from day hikes to overnight hikes. In Wintertime some of our activities are skiing, ice skating, snowboarding or downhill skiing, and snowmobiling.

Many times we say to each other “Mennään notskille” (Let’s go to the forest and make a campfire). This means that we are taking our gear and heading out to the middle of the forest and having a campfire, eating the sausages and coffee by the fire. This is truly something that Finnish people have done for centuries and many tales are created by the campfires.

A sauna is where we go to warm up and cleanse ourselves – from all the dirt and old skin, but also the stress and worries. In addition, the cold-water dip in between the sauna times is a very common way to cool down. However, not all of us have the luxury of living by the river, like our guests in our resort. Therefore, we sometimes just go to have a roll in the snow.

“The morning dip in the ice water refreshes more than a cup of coffee” – Aurora Village team member

Invitation for you


While our winter season is full of life, the autumn and springtime give us time to take more time for ourselves. This is also a really good time to visit us. Since then, our guests can have more privacy, but the magic is still here.

Our recommendations are to come to witness “Kantohanki” during springtime. When the snow is so strong that you can walk on it without its breaking. Or the autumn’s “Ruska” – when nature is becoming colorful, and you could witness the northern lights on the lake as a reflection from the sky.

In conclusion luxury for us means pure nature, freedom, personal touch, privacy, and relaxation. We invite you to explore our way of living in the idyllic and nature-centric environment near Ivalo town.

Best wishes,
Aurora Village Team

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