Lappish summer is full of possibilities

What if we told you that Lappish Summers can be epic like the winters? Have you witnessed Midnight Sun and its magical light? How about pure freedom while exploring the arctic wilderness? What about pure tranquility?

Read more about these 4 wonders of Lappish Summer.

How can Lappish Summer beat the Winter?


Well, it can’t, but it will give you as many once-in-a-lifetime experiences as winter. You can finally see what’s below the snow coverage. The different types of terrains are going to provide you with colorful changing views. For example, just from around Aurora Village, you can find cliffs, cloth forests, wilderness lakes, and fells.

Lappish Summers are short and the summer season is roughly from June to August. It’s fascinating to observe how nature wakes up underneath the snow and ice. It feels like everything grows in a blink of an eye.

During summer nature can breathe freely without snow cover – it is time for growth, harvesting, and gathering.

The growing season is short in Lapland, but the arctic nature is taking all in and thanks to the midnight sun, the wildlife can grow 24/7 from mid-May until late July.

The berries are getting ripped usually starting from late July onwards. So you might have a chance to pick up some yummy cloudberries or blueberries from the forest during your hike. In Finland, you are allowed to pick up berries and mushrooms from the forest freely. Be sure that you know the variety before eating them!

Lappish Summer and Midnight Sun


Experiencing the Midnight Sun is something magical, golden even. The light of the sun during the night gives the surrounding areas a magical golden glow – very good lighting for taking pictures.

This phenomenon occurs due to the tilt of the earth’s axis that happens for regions that are above the Arctic Circle. Midnight Sun is occurring in Ivalo from the last week of May until mid-July and the summer solstice happens at the end of June.

Midnight Sun is a reason why blackout curtains have high demand in Lapland during the summer. These can be found in our aurora cabins as well.

Aurora Cabin lasikattomökin ikkunanäkymä sängystä

The summer solstice is a main national holiday in Finland. This day is the longest day of the year, and we call it Midsummer. Midsummer is the most magical of the whole summer and it holds many Finnish mythologies.

Read more about Midnight Sun from the Visit Lapland website: Land of the Midnight Sun.

What to do in the arctic wilderness?


The arctic wilderness is all around here. We invite you to experience the different landscapes and forests nearby or take a guided tour to the nearby wilderness areas or national parks. Here you can experience the freedom of roaming around untouched nature but in a safe environment with our nature guides.

Open water experiences

Aurora Village is located just by the Ivalo River, which gives us the opportunity to start our open-water experiences from our yard. Finland is referred to as a land of thousands of lakes and the third-largest lake, Lake Inari, is just a few minutes away.

Lake Inari gives endless options to explore the waters. Though, there is more than 3000 island and islets which makes the lake like a labyrinth. If you are a confident water explorer and would prefer to go alone, we recommend renting our packrats or canoe and starting to explore these large waters. If you would like to have comfort but still get to know the islands of Inari Lake you can book our guided boat trip to Lake Inari.




Snowmobiling at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.

Explore the last wilderness in Europe

Finland is the most forested country in Europe and Lapland holds proudly the title of having the last wilderness in Europe. In the summer nature comes to life and you can enjoy the vivid colors and listen to the birds singing, the water running or the wind humming in the trees. The same viewpoints that are visited during the winter won’t look anything alike when they are visited in the summer. There is so much to see and do but it just looks different.



When the view in the UKK-national park was white during the winter, in summer you can witness the arctic nature with colors.


Snowmobiling at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.

With the e-FatBikes, you can explore some of our Snowmobile Routes.


Fun Horse ride in winter at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.

While Horseback riding you can pass through our Snowshoeing routes.

Catching fish is one of the most popular hobbies in Finland. We offer Ice Fishing during winter but for many Finns, summer is the main fishing season, ask for more information from our sales regarding guided fishing trips in summer.

Ps. Did you know that we are doing guided hiking tours for one of the best Instagrammable places in Summery Lapland, Otsamo Fell?

Lappish Summer and tranquility


During the summer we experience a quieter time than in winter, so you are going to have more privacy and tranquility. This gives you the opportunity to wind down and enjoy the surroundings with less hectivity around you. Summer in Lapland means many authentic encounters with arctic nature and the locals. We invite you to experience this magic with us!

“I can imagine it would be beautiful in the winter, but it was equally breathtaking in the warmer months. It reminded me of Canada a little bit, only less populated, and so many new things to try.”Carly Rae Jepsen

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