Autumn is full of possibilities

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. It is always sad that summer is almost over, but autumn brings amazing, vibrant colors and cooler air, which are perfect for exploring around. As the days get shorter and nights darken, the Northern Lights season is starting to be among us again.

Fall colors create a magical wonderland

Nature is changing, saying its goodbyes to one cycle of life. The hot summer days and green scenery change to vibrant colors of red, orange, brown, and yellow while the twilight time sneaks in. Autumn brings one last hurrah, the cherry on top of the cake before the snow comes for the winter and nature waits until spring to bloom again. Nature is giving its best with magnificent colors and harvest.

In the late summer, the harvest season begins, when the forests fill with tasty berries and mushrooms. Fill your baskets with blueberries, cloudberries, lingonberries, and crowberries, and enjoy fresh berries straight from the natural source. For people looking for tranquility and a fresh meal for dinner, autumn is also a perfect time to enjoy fishing. When the air cools especially during the evenings, there is nothing more pleasing to do than heat up a sauna and have a late-night dip in the lake.

Syksy lapissa

The fall season also helps us to finally say goodbye to billions of mosquitos. Unfortunately, not all of them, but there are definitely fewer mosquitos and other annoying bugs flying around when you are hiking or doing other outdoor activities in the beautiful nature of Finland. 

The fall colors are particularly magnificent in Lapland and therefore many Finns from the south travel up to enjoy hiking in an almost magical landscape.

What to do in autumn?

Besides collecting your buckets full of berries and mushrooms and enjoying fishing, the cooler air gives you tons of possibilities to enjoy different kinds of activities.

The best thing to do is to enjoy a hike in the gorgeous nature in Lapland and get amazed by the fall colors. Also, as the nights are getting darker you can also spot the most active and bright Northern Lights glowing in the sky during the autumn months. Read more about the Northern Lights hunt during the fall season here.   

Explore compelling trails and breathtaking Nordic scenery. Breath in clean air and let your senses be filled with the purity of arctic nature. We organize different kinds of hikes around Aurora Village for different kinds of activity levels. One of our favorite hikes takes you to the top of Otsamo Fell. The path follows an ancient pine tree forest before it starts ascending towards the top. From the top of Otsamo fell the scenery opens up towards Lake Inari, Hammastunturi, Muotka, and Lemmenjoki fell areas, giving you an amazing view to enjoy. 


If you wish to do an earlier but also gorgeous hike, we recommend choosing the Juutua path (Juutuanpolku), a beautiful circular path that takes you to a loud roaring Jäniskoski. One of our popular options for hiking is to take a trip to Saariselkä to Finland’s second largest national park, Urho Kekkonen National Park, where you can find different kinds of trails. 

Besides hiking, you can enjoy the wilderness with fat bikes or on a saddle. Our Fat Bikes are bicycles with huge fat tires which are ideal for cycling through the forest paths. The bikes have electronic assistance, making touring with bikes perfect for all levels. We also have our own stable, where you can find our calm Finnish horses, ready to explore the wilderness with you.   

Ratsastus lapissa

Our most popular autumn activities:

Enjoy Northern Lights, nature, hikes, and active outdoor activities. We have something for everyone! 

Below you can find our most popular autumn activities. Don’t miss out on your chance to explore with us during autumn.

  • Northern Lights chasing by car 
  • Horseback riding in the wilderness 
  • Admiring the white water called Jäniskoski (Hiking to Jäniskoski) 
  • Hiking to Otsamo Fell 
  • Visiting Urho Kekkonen National park 
  • Exploring nature with Fat Bikes 

Fat Bike lappi

You can check all the activities we offer and book yours here.  For foodies, you can also enjoy the Finnish pure ingredients and delicacies in our Restaurant Loimu.   

Admire the Northern Lights from your bed

To make your holiday perfect, we have 28 Aurora Cabins that offer you a spectacular panoramic view of the Northern sky.  Simply enjoy the comfort of your warm and cozy bed while admiring the sky, you will never forget.  

We truly want to create an experience that you will never forget. Stay in our gorgeous cabins while you enjoy the autumn activities and pure Finnish food. We guarantee that you can see Northern Lights – if you stay a minimum of 4 nights during 15.- 30.9.2023 you will see the Aurora Borealis from our property or we pay for your accommodation! See our campaign policy here and book your stay in a glass-roof Aurora Cabin.    

Whatever you choose to do this autumn, enjoy this season to its fullest!