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Cancellation & Refund policy

All purchases are final and non-refundable unless otherwise stated during the purchase process and/or in the confirmation email.

See our COVID-19 policy.

Privacy policy


Contact details

Customer service: [email protected] • +358 10 419 7820

for activities


All our prices are in euro per person and include guided tours and warm clothes, children rates are available where applicable.
We reserve the right to alter our prices, departure times and activity packages without prior notice and/or suspend all activities for security reasons; failure to follow the guides instructions may lead to suspension of the activity without any refund. 
Activities must be paid in full at least 48 hours before the departure. All sales final. 
Prices are non-negotiable.
Gratuity is neither mandatory nor included. 


To schedule an activity, a full non-refundable deposit is required. After 30 days before arrival 100% cancellation fee will occur.
All sales are final and non-refundable, with the exception of verifiable medical reason or force majeure and pending agreement by the Company’s Management.
All verbal agreements entered by the client with the employees of Aurora Village concerning scheduled departures, activity prices and/or refunds are considered null and void and will not be honored by the Company unless specifically agreed in writing by the Head Management of the company.


It is the customer’s responsibility to be on time for all booked activities, and to cover any and all expenses derived from
rescheduling when applicable. In case of a missed departure, the activity will not be refunded. 


Activity time includes fitting of thermal clothes & safety instructions. 


Most activities are open to the public, for private scheduling and rates, please contact our activity sales team at least 48 hours in advance. 


Some activities may be affected by the weather, snow conditions, safety reasons or other external circumstances at the discretion of Aurora Village. 
The sighting of animals and/or northern lights cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances. 


Snowmobile driving activities require a valid driver’s license and acceptance of our liability policy and agreement; prices are per adult on a shared vehicle; it is possible to book individual
snowmobiles based on availability. Random breathalyser tests may take place and failure to pass will lead to immediate suspension of snowmobile activities without refund. 


Infants 0-3 years old stay free sharing the bed with parents. Children 4 to 14 years pay the child fee and have an extra bed available in the room next to parent’s beds.


In case of unavailability, an alternative will be proposed (additional charges may apply) or refund will be issued. 

In case an activity becomes temporarily unavailable or where a significant alteration becomes necessary, an alternative will be presented to the client for approval (additional charges may apply) and, only in case of impossibility to practice the activity as per the judgement of the guides, our management, our business partners or due to factors such as but not limited to fire, war, terrorism, extreme weather alerts, government acts or police instructions, a full refund will be issued. We reserve the right to suspend all activities for security reasons; failure to follow the guides instructions and behavior that is deemed reckless, unruly or is considered in any other way potentially dangerous to the client’s own person, other clients, the Company’s employees, the equipment, the environment, wildlife or service animals will lead to the immediate termination of the activity without any refund or liability for the Company.


Snowmobile and husky safaris are not recommended during pregnancy due to possibly bumpy tracks and gasoline fumes.


We reserve the right to use media such as but not limited to photos or videos taken during the activities for promotional
purposes without further compensation or authorisation needed. 


In case you’ve booked even a single activity with us, we’ll provide you with thermal clothing that you can keep for the duration of your stay. In case you’d like to rent the winter clothing only, please let us know.


There is a herd of reindeer living with us at the resort. You may feed the reindeer with our guide but please do not feed them on your own. They should only eat the special reindeer food we provide to avoid health problems. The other wildlife you may see around the resort are harmless and shy, please do not disturb them.
Some activities may lead to exertion, consult your physician inform the guide & sales team of any
specific limitations or requirements before booking.

Aurora Village reserves the right to release any tentative bookings, change the prices or terms and conditions without prior notice.