Aurora Guarantee

Aurora Guarantee! Full refund of Your accommodation cost for all min. 3-night stays in September 2020 in case Aurora Borealis would not appear visible on the sky at Aurora Village Ivalo property during Your stay.

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Full refund applies to the accommodation cost of your entire stay during September 2020.

Magical northern lights over aurora cabin cottage at Aurora Village Ivalo Lapland Finland.

Aurora guarantee applies to all minimum 3-night stays during September 2020 at Aurora Village Ivalo (booking made after 17th September 2020).

The visibility of Aurora Borealis is determined by on-site cameras. The refund will not apply if the customer chooses to sleep, or some other way, on purpose or not, to neglect the Aurora Borealis when they are visible on the sky.

To assist you to spot the Northern Lights we will provide you with a Northern Lights Alert application that will give an alert on your smartphone when the Aurora Borealis is visible. Remember to ask for the login key at reception!

The refund does not apply to:

  • Meals
  • Extra purchases like activities, souvenir, drinks etc.